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CyberSynth is a display typeface designed with a bold, wide-set style and inspired by both the technology of the past and the cyberpunk aesthetic movement. It's the perfect choice for your mega-corporation, as it conveys a powerful impact and a modern sensibility. CyberSynth is available for free for personal use, making it the ideal choice for anyone who wants to create a striking visual impact. Download it today and take your design to the next level with this cutting-edge typeface.


Introducing CyberSynth - a free display typeface that seamlessly blends past technology with cyberpunk aesthetic. The sharp grid-like angles and rounded edges create a striking contrast, while the consistent stroke width gives it a commanding presence. With a high x-height and low cap height, this typeface boasts a unique profile that stands out from the rest. Perfect for creating a powerful visual impact for your mega-corporation. CyberSynth is available for free personal use.

Breakdown of the anotomy of CyberSynth


During the development of CyberSynth, I utilized a grid system as the foundation for constructing each glyph. The initial design process involved drafting on grid paper, which went through numerous iterations before arriving at the final version. Using Glyphs software, the final design was digitized, ensuring a precise and consistent look. Post-release, CyberSynth underwent further development to provide continued improvement and support for users.

Early Sketch of SyberSynth on grid paper
The first digital test print of CyberSynth


If you would like to download CyberSynth for free, you can visit the following link to access the Regular weight here. This download is free for personal use only. If you wish to use this font for commercial projects, please contact me below.

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