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CyberSynth was developed as a free display typeface inspired by the technology of the past, and the cyberpunk aesthetic movement. Designed with modern sensibilities in mind, this typeface features a bold style, wide setting, and an impact that will be sure to make your mega-corporation look as powerful as ever. CyberSynth is avaliable free for personal use.


CyberSynth combines the old with the new, by juxtaposing sharp grid-like angles with rounded edges. Very little stroke variance creates a strong, and immovable stance that commands attention. A unique profile is created by combining a high x-height, and a low cap height alongside a uniform wide shape. Unmistakably unique, CyberSynth

Breakdown of the anotomy of CyberSynth


CyberSynth was developed using the grid as a base for its construction. I developed a grid system to create each glyph and drafted onto grid paper to create the first draft of CyberSynth. The typeface went through many iterations until I reached a final version, which was translated to a digital format using Glyphs software. CyberSynth continued to be developed after its inital release to continue to improve, and offer more support.

Early Sketch of SyberSynth on grid paper
The first digital test print of CyberSynth


If you would like to download CyberSynth for free, you can visit the following link to access the Regular weight here. This download is free for personal use only. If you wish to use this font for commercial projects, please contact me below.

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