Coors Seltzer Canada Launch

Illustrator, Motion Designer - Underdog Studio Ltd.
Coors Seltzer National Product Launch
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Protecting Canada's Waters: One Refreshing Sip at a Time 💧

Coors Seltzer aimed to make a big entrance into the Canadian market, and Underdog Studio was up for the challenge. We were tasked with launching the Molson Coors Beverage Corporation's latest product in Canada: Coors Seltzer. With four exciting flavors, our team developed the supporting social branding that highlights what makes Coors Seltzer unique, along with the four distinct flavor personalities that accompany it. Our branding strategy showcases the best of Coors Seltzer and captures the attention of Canadian consumers. Discover the refreshing taste of Coors Seltzer and experience the excitement of our brand.

Water-Saving Starts here.

Coors Seltzer is committed to protecting Canada's waters by eliminating unnecessary water usage and partnering with organizations to improve the quality of water in our ecosystems. As a key part of crafting the Coors Seltzer brand, we created a collection of engaging animated stickers that celebrate water-saving milestones and encourage participation. These stickers were primarily used on Instagram stories, allowing users to showcase their progress and spread awareness of our water-saving initiative. We also developed a social post template featuring our four distinct flavor personas to engage our audience, foster brand loyalty, and remind users of our mission.

Coors Seltzer Animated GIFs for Instagram

Content Calendar and Key Dates

As part of our ongoing social initiative, we created a comprehensive content calendar to capitalize on key dates throughout the year. This allowed us to plan and schedule content in advance, ensuring we never miss an opportunity to engage with our audience and promote our mission. By strategically incorporating important events and holidays into our content, we were able to increase our reach and drive even greater awareness of Coors Seltzer's water-saving efforts.

Brand Iconography

To enhance our social messaging, we developed a set of brand icons to use across all our social media channels. These icons were incorporated into story alerts, highlights, and posts to provide visual cues and promote our brand's identity. By consistently using these icons throughout our social media presence, we were able to establish a strong visual identity and reinforce our brand's message of water conservation.

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