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Goodies that are out of this world.
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Stickers that are out of this world.

As a graphic designer, I have a passion for creating unique stickers, patches, and pins that showcase some of my favorite places and things. My collection features designs inspired by everything from outer space to our own backyard, and I'm constantly adding new designs to the mix. Whether you're looking to add a touch of personality to your Jeep or show off your love for space exploration on your laptop, my stickers are the perfect way to do it. Join me on a journey through the universe with my one-of-a-kind designs.

Space Ships (Matte Vinyl Sticker Sheet)
Deep Space (black embroidered patch)
Algonquin Park Stickers (Glossy Vinyl)
Black Hole (checkered prism holographic vinyl)
Toronto Badge (Matte Vinyl)
Get Busy! (Enamel Pin)

I hope you enjoyed this collection of stickers! Each one tells a story and represents a unique piece of inspiration from my travels and imagination. I believe that stickers can bring a little bit of joy and personality to everyday objects, and I hope that you found some that resonated with you.

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