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Create a brand that reflects the company’s core values: integrity, compassion, trust and innovation
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Glenco Medical Corp.

Glenco Medical is a leading provider of clinical care that specializes in innovative injury care solutions and medical technologies. As part of their commitment to excellence, they approached me to help rebrand their company with a focus on integrity, compassion, trust, and innovation. The objective was to develop a visual system that inspires confidence and comfort in both traditional and digital spaces for their clients and patients alike.

Logo Design

The Glenco Medical logo was designed to embody the company's core values of integrity, compassion, trust, and innovation. The combination mark features four sections within the 'G' to represent each of these pillars. Additionally, the typography was carefully chosen to create a welcoming and established introduction to the brand.

Concept Development

Multiple brand concepts were ideated, refined, and presented during the branding process.

Early logo mark concepts

Design System & Brand Guidelines

We created a comprehensive branding system to ensure that Glenco Medical's new brand is consistent across all printed and digital materials. To help the company implement the new brand effectively, we also created a brand guideline book. This book serves as an internal resource for Glenco Medical, providing guidance on how to use the new brand elements as the company continues to grow.


Comprehensive branding collateral was meticulously crafted to effectively communicate the core values of Glenco Medical across all platforms, including social media banners, business cards, and email signatures. From top to bottom, the company's unwavering dedication to its patients shines through. Trust that Glenco Medical has got you covered.

The Glenco Medical rebranding project was a great success, resulting in a fresh and modern look that better represents the company's core values and mission. The new branding system was designed to be implemented across all marketing and communication channels, both online and offline, ensuring a consistent message and experience for all stakeholders. With the new branding collateral, Glenco Medical is now well-positioned to continue growing and expanding its impact in the clinical care industry.

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Typeface Design

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